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Interactive Media

As an upgrade from video display, JSM I-media offers its specialty: the interactive display. Imagine your customers being able to view your products and services from the tip of their finger as you can do with any smartphone. Want even more options? Imagine, as a user, the ability to receive information or promotions from your interactive display to your own email. In addition, you could even send text messages from our interactive displays. You could also use this as a tool for gathering information and statistics.

Here are some options that JSM I-media offers:

• Multimedia Information Kiosks

• Interactive Video Walls

• Interactive tables, counters and islands

• Interactive Floors

• Custom interactive design

Digital Signage

Did you know that static advertising (conventional display) captures our attention and diverts our current activity for an average of 3 seconds? An animated or interactive advertisement such as those offered by JSM I-media , is estimated to capture the attention of a customer for a period of nearly 30 seconds. Here are some display options offered by JSM I-media :

• Conventional LCD screens

• Video Walls

• Led Video Wall

• Holographic Projection

• Projection Mapping

Architectural Lights

To refresh your display counters, your posters or architectural features of your business, lighting is optimized to argue the appeal of your company with its various colors and depth effect.

Led Video Wall

Led Video wall in any size, shape or resolution !!!

About us

a little about our company...

Our Vision

Nobody can deny that we find ourselves at the center of an era of technological change. New technology concepts are now part of our everyday life. That is why it is important to ask ourselves these questions:

• Is my company taking advantage of this wave of new technology and the many possibilities that it offers?

• Does it not deserve a modern and refreshing look while being on the cutting edge of technology?

JSM I-media is defined as a company that specializes in interactive marketing. While using your existing models, JSM I-media designs and develops ideas and concepts or interactive platforms that will allow you to make use of them at your advantage. This helps make your business more visible, and if you wish, profitable. We develops personalized and professional tools reflecting the individual needs of the client’s business. We offer the chance to have that special missing element every business needs. Our Mission is to promote, facilitate and modernize the activities, tasks or functions of you business using technological and interactive products.

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24/7 Support

Monitoring and technical support is available throughout the use of JSM I-media tools.They offer this service in norder to ensure that the product offered runs smoothly at all times. JSM I-media has an unwavering trust in its products. Furthermore, we understand that our tools can be critical to the success of your business. Therefore, a technician is on duty 24/7 should you ever need assistance

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